Female Data Analyst – Mrs. Emefa Duah

Our guest is a brilliant Data Analyst with an innate ability to unravel complex patterns from seemingly chaotic data landscapes. Emefa is blessed with an insatiable curiosity and a keen eye for detail. These are skills she uses to transform raw information into meaningful insights that drive informed business decisions;

Hello Emefa, it is wonderful to have you join us on this episode of Words That Count. Thank you for honoring the invitation
Hello Winnie. I am happy to share my STEM journey. Thank you for reaching out.

Please share a brief introduction about yourself with our audience
My name is Mrs. Emefa Duah from Ghana. I am currently a Data Analyst at Beacon Power Services. Part of my job involves using my strong foundation in statistics and programming to navigate through datasets with finesse. I employ cutting-edge tools to uncover trends that others might miss. My knack for storytelling with data simplifies complex parts of data. It also empowers stakeholders to grasp the essence of information effortlessly. Whether I am working on deciphering consumer behavior or optimizing operational processes, my expertise shapes a data-driven world. In that world, numbers tell stories and possibilities are limitless.

Wow! This is a language I understand with excitement. Walk us through how your career as a Data Analyst started
I read science during high school but growing up I realized I loved working with numbers. During my undergraduate level, I had the opportunity to read Statistics with Computer Science. Afterward, I did an M.Phil. Statistics at the master’s level. In 2022, I took a bold decision to specialize in Data Science and Analytics. So, I quickly enrolled in a couple of training with Ghana Tech Lab and Blossom Academy to transition with ease as well as make me job-ready.

With the forever-evolving world of technology, what are some of the challenges have you faced as a Data Analyst?
The tech market is evolving so fast and that requires you to always upskill to continue to be relevant in this field. I struggled to secure a job after completing my master’s degree because I did not have the relevant skills to meet the job market. This was super frustrating! The best decision I made after graduating with my masters was to take several short training to upskill. I also internationally joined tech communities to help me when I face any challenges and had the opportunity to volunteer with them as well.

It is true what you mentioned about tech constantly evolving!

During the mentioned challenging times, how have you been able to stay focused and motivated as a Data Analyst?
I am passionate about what I do and I enjoy doing it. Aside, I have amazing techies that I fall on when I face any challenges and thus always have that desire to press on. This journey has been truly a fulfilling one, leading to a significant self-discovery and I am willing to offer a helping hand to newbies who are navigating similar paths and encourage women to take up tech roles.

Thank you for volunteering your time to help out. We shall take you up on that offer soon.

Let us talk about the time you have felt very proud of your work on your journey of becoming a Data Analyst
I have received several awards on my Data Analyst journey. I received two awards during my undergraduate studies; the best level 200 female student in Mathematical Sciences and the best graduating female student in B.Sc. Statistics. In my third year of the bachelor’s program, I was selected among a few students through a highly-competitive process for an exchange program at Barnard College of Columbia University. I have also received fully funded scholarships in Data Science and Analytics with Ghana Tech Lab, Blossom Academy, and many more.

We have seen Emefa as a Data Analyst, but, we also want to know who you are outside all the computers and work-related responsibilities
I am a wife and a mom of one. I love volunteering, attending tech events, advocating for gender equality in tech, and love to have fun in my free time.

Do you have a favorite quote?
Yes. “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry” ~ Habakkuk 2:3 KJV

Lastly, what is your word of encouragement for a young African girl who is interested in becoming a Data Analyst?
Only if you have passion for it and this is something you want to pursue, then go for it.

Keep upskilling to stay relevant in the tech space, ask for help if you get stuck, join tech communities, build a professional network by attending tech events, have social media presence, and always give every opportunity a try.

Thank you very much, Emefa, for sparing time to share your Data Analyst journey with us and the whole world. We wish you more success in the future.

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