Designing Wearable Technology – Bolarinwa Kemisola

Our guest for the day uses her knowledge in robotics and systems engineering to design and develop modern wearable technology for Nigeria;

Hi Kemisola, I am happy to have you with us today. Thank you for joining this cause
Hi Winnie. I am glad to be featured on such an impactful platform for women in STEM. It is my special passion advocating STEM education for the girl child. This is one of the best ways to bridge the STEM gender gap and increase the inclusion of women working in STEM fields.

We can’t agree with you anymore!

Please introduce yourself to our audience
My name is Bolarinwa Kemisola from Nigeria. I am the Founder and CEO of Nextwear Technology, the first fashion or wearable technology company in Nigeria designing and developing technology worn close to the body.

We are now curious to know how you started venturing into wearable technology
I have always been tech enthusiastic right from my childhood. STEM was part of my growing up. I had always wanted to be an innovator.

It all started in my secondary school (St. Helen’s Unity Secondary School, Ondo). I had a special interest in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. These three subjects were my areas of interest. I always topped the class in these subjects and got rewarded every session. Due to my passion and interest in STEM subjects, I joined the JETS club (Junior Engineers, Technicians, and Scientists club) which allowed me to represent my school and State in interstate and national STEM competitions.

I remember a competition I participated in in 2001 that deepened my interest and passion for STEM. I represented Ondo State at the national JETS competition held in Jos, Plateau State. My team and I built a radio transmitter and receiver and we came in 3rd position out of the 36 states.

After secondary school, I gained admission into the university to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering. when I graduated, I went into Robotics and Embedded systems through self-learning. Robotics led me into my current field of work (wearable technology).

Aside from this, I advocate STEM education for the girl child by attracting their interest in STEM subjects through hands-on and real-life applications. I believe it is the way of bridging the gender gap and increasing the inclusion of young women to choose a career in STEM-related fields.

What challenges have you faced as an entrepreneur in STEM?
Gender stereotyping has been my biggest challenge.

How are you able to break past this barrier?
I was brought up to believe in my ability and strength. That faith keeps me going.

Tell us about your achievements on your journey in wearable technology
My greatest achievement is our newly invented Smart Bra Device. Being able to create a solution to a threat to women globally is my greatest achievement.

Our story about the Smart Bra innovation has been featured by BBC News. Together we can create awareness of the deadly disease that breast cancer is. We can’t keep watching our women groaning in pain and dying of breast cancer. It is time we prevent the occurrence! We believe our Smart Bra Device would be a revolutionary approach to the prevention of breast cancer globally. Remember, “Early detection saves lives”

You are doing vital work in STEM; how do you spend your out-of-work time?
I am a mother to a stunning smart boy. While carrying out my mom’s duties, I also spend time on research work.

What’s your favorite quote?
“If you don’t believe in yourself no one will do it for you” ~ Kobe Bryant.

What’s your word of encouragement for a young girl in STEM?
Believe in yourself and your potential because if you don’t nobody will. Take your stand and pursue your dream.

It has been an honour to write about you, Kemisola! You are doing amazing work for our women through wearable technology; please keep it up. Looking forward to more interactions in the future.

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