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Partner with us to help young women and girls to unlock their hidden potential in STEM.

Beedesigned Studio

Beedesigned Studio is a leading UX design and development agency based in Bulawayo. They use pixel-perfect designs and fancy technology to create brands, products and experiences that help their clients in solving social problems and seizing opportunities.

Creptie School

Creptie school is a coding institution that provides intensive programming and coding training through programs which are extremely practical , hands-on and delivered by experts. Students learn through a series of immersive projects and real world applications,  supported expert talks , mentors, webinars and workshops. During the course students learn the core of web & game development, design thinking, physical computing and robotics.

About the founder
Winnie Nakiyingi

Winnie Nakiyingi

Winnie Nakiyingi is a Statistician from Kampala-Uganda, with a passion for Education and Research. Coming from a STEM background, she is interested in developing business ideas that contribute to SDG’s 4&5 with a STEM lens.

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