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Partner with us to help young women and girls to unlock their hidden potential in STEM.

Beedesigned Studio

Beedesigned Studio is a UX design agency based in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) that focuses on User Experience Design, Web Development, and Visual Branding. Beedesigned merges articulate and creative designs with great technology to craft awesome human experiences. Its services are tailored to tell brand story to potential customers and drive business growth.

Creptie School

Creptie school is a coding institution that provides intensive programming and coding training through programs which are extremely practical , hands-on and delivered by experts. Students learn through a series of immersive projects and real world applications,  supported expert talks , mentors, webinars and workshops. During the course students learn the core of web & game development, design thinking, physical computing and robotics.

About the founder
Winnie Nakiyingi

Winnie Nakiyingi

Winnie Nakiyingi is a Statistician from Kampala-Uganda, with a passion for Education and Research. Coming from a STEM background, she is interested in developing business ideas that contribute to SDG’s 4&5 with a STEM lens.

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