Chat for GenAI Accelerator ’24

Application deadline: March 31, 2024

The first Chat for Impact: GenAI Accelerator will amplify the impact of ten organizations, assisting them in creating and implementing innovative LLM-powered chat solutions in the fields of education, healthcare, and economic mobility.

This 8-week program is designed to explore and harness the potential of Generative AI, utilizing GenAI techniques to expedite the design, testing, launch, and secure scaling of AI-supported chat solutions. Throughout the program, participants will engage in weekly lessons encompassing topics such as crafting impactful AI-supported chat services with LLMs, ensuring AI safety and equity, measuring and evaluating impact, scaling solutions, and addressing technical considerations. The GenAI accelerator will culminate in a Demo Day where the cohort will present their AI-supported chat solutions to the wider Chat for Impact Community and potential investors, showcasing the outcome of their innovation and efforts.

Selected organizations in the program will have access to:
– Grant funding to the value of $ 35,000 with a further $ 50,000 each for the top three best-performing organizations.
– Access to a share of $ 500,000 in OpenAI API credits
– Technical, strategic and governance support from expert advisors at OpenAI and
– Mentorship & guidance as they build their AI-enabled chat service
– Peer learning opportunities from the broader Chat for Impact Accelerator Alumni
– Post-program support to sustain and grow momentum
– software license for six months valued at $ 3,000

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