I Have An Excellent Spirit; I’m Unstoppable – Kehinde Elizabeth Adegbola


I got to know Kehinde through mutual connections on LinkedIn. Her passion for data science and zeal to always improve her knowledge capacity are what attracted me to her. Here is is our interview about her STEM experience:

Hi Kehinde, thank you for accepting to share your story with us. We are honoured to have you join us today
Hi Winnie, thank you for inviting me.

Kindly introduce yourself
My name is Kehinde Elizabeth Adegbola from Nigeria. I am a Human Resource Professional and a Data Analyst. I currently serve as a mentor and a Faculty member in ENIPRO Data Academy.

Please tell us how you became a Data Analyst
My childhood was full of pleasant and challenging experiences! I stayed with my grandparents for a long time, we moved from one location to another every 2 years due to the nature of their jobs. I attended six primary schools as a result and two secondary schools. This experience has taught me to relate well with people easily, make new friends easily and I also learned different cultures from different people.

My journey of becoming a Data Analyst begun when I went for an HR training. One of the classes was HR Metrics and Analytics. This is when I was introduced to analytics but I wanted mu skills to be applicable to various fields, not only HR. So I started learning from Udemy courses and You tube videos. In the process, I won a scholarship to study Data Analytics with ENIPRO.

What challenges have you encountered along the way?
The journey has been good but I have also encountered different challenges. One of them was the financial challenge. I wanted to study Nursing, I read and scaled through the exams, I was part of the best 10. However, I could not raise funds to complete the tuition fee. I tried my best but I was later kicked out of the school after 4 months of resumption. I was devastated and discouraged. It took me about 2 to 3 years to get back into the university. I later studied Guidance and Counselling and I also picked up a professional Certification in Human Resource. Amidst all this, my faith in God has kept me going – it is my biggest source of inspiration.

The other challenges have been during my learning process; things like like instability of internet connection and power supply. I however thank ENIPRO for the platform to teach and mentor other young Data Analysts. I am still learning, the journey is still long!

Tell us about your achievements
I won the ENIPRO Data Academy scholarship last year. I am also serving as the Assistant Secretary to Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Oyo State, Nigeria for the second term.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?
I enjoy Teaching and Counselling outside work. I also love helping people. I love Technology and that was why I started learning Data Analytics. I enjoy Data Analytics a lot!

What is your best quote?
I have an excellent spirit. I am unstoppable” ~ Kehinde Elizabeth Adegbola

Leave us with a word of encouragement for a young girl in STEM
Be focused, resilient, hard-working. Refuse to fear and see all your challenges as stepping stones to higher places.

Thank you for sharing with us, Kehinde! We wish you the very best along your learning journey.

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