Letters + Numbers = WORDS THAT COUNT

We’re building an Africa where young girls and women  thrive in STEM through shared experiences.

Narrating STEM-related stories from women across Africa


African Institute  of Mathematical Sciences

Words That Count is an  initiative that documents stories of successful African women in STEM fields to present the various prospects on the STEM spectrum to young girls mapping their careers in STEM. The scarcity of female role models in the STEM field makes it harder to close the gender gap.

Our Strategy


Documenting stories of successful African women in the various fields of STEM.


Engaging government bodies to incorporate STEM career guidance sessions in the education curriculum.


Availing instant career guidance and mentorship services for those mapping careers in STEM.

“Having role models is so key .
It’s important for girls to see other women in STEM fields because it really lets them picture themselves there in the future. It helps them see that they can truly aspire to that dream.”

Bettina Chen

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